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Empowering Cancer Patients with Data-Driven Decisions

Join our patient-led community to get access to experts from industry, academia, healthcare, and other advanced patients to help make complex testing and treatment decisions.

... Because engaged patients get better outcomes.

How We Can Help You

Our platform provides patients and their caregivers with access to experts and other advanced patients who can help them make informed decisions about their treatment options. We provide:

  • Education: Each week we host a key opinion leader from life sciences, academia, or healthcare who leads a discussion on topics that are fundamental to a deeper understanding of your cancer. You have the opportunity to ask questions and establish relationships with that expert. We also have sessions where patients share their situation and ask for ideas on the key decisions they are facing.

  • Data-Driven Treatment Options: Through a growing network of service providers, we provide access to new treatment options based upon your health record and genomic insights. Because you can access multiple service providers, you can get a broader set of treatment options than from any single source (e.g., your healthcare provider or any other single vendor). This approach “leaves no stone unturned” and helps you to identify not only your next best treatment, but also facilitates the development of a longer-term treatment strategy.

  • Patient Support Community: The Cancer Patient Lab patient community has become a valuable resource to our patients. Our patients are well researched and many have experienced decision choices that you may face. Our collaboration platform provides a safe space to interact with our “patient experts” to share new research and get advice to support your unique cancer journey.

Cancer Types We Serve

The Cancer Patient Lab began in 2022 as the Prostate Cancer Lab serving dozens of advanced prostate cancer patients. We believe that the approaches and lessons learned apply to other cancers, which is why we are expanding the scope of our services under the Cancer Patient Lab brand. We focus on complex advanced disease regardless of cancer type. If you or a loved one are facing such circumstances, we encourage you to join our community and see what we can do for you. Our community also provides emotional support and a safe space to share experiences.

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