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Be the Copilot in Your Cancer Decisions

Personalized Cancer Treatments Empowered by Data

At Cancer Patient Lab, we understand the urgency and significance of time, especially for those diagnosed in advanced stages of cancer. Time is not just a factor; it's a precious resource. Swift and precise action is essential. Our focus on rapid assessment and personalized treatment is rooted in the understanding that every moment counts, and that everyone’s cancer journey is different.

Personalized cancer treatment takes into account your specific genetic makeup, lifestyle, medical history and quality of life preferences to create a targeted approach that maximizes treatment efficacy and minimizes side effects. This level of customization is crucial, particularly when time is of the essence.

Meet the founders of Cancer Patient Lab and hear how, through their community of citizen scientists and hacktivists, they help people with advanced cancer crowdsource data driven treatment solutions.

Cancer Patient Lab Co-founder & CEO, Brad Power elaborates on its mission, the patients that will benefit, the principles that differentiate it, and his patient advocacy motivations.

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How Cancer Patient Lab can help you

Our platform provides patients and their caregivers with access to experts and other advanced patients who can
help them make informed decisions about their treatment options. We provide:


Each week we host a key opinion leader from life sciences, academia, or healthcare who leads a discussion on topics that are fundamental to a deeper understanding of your cancer. Engage directly with experts, ask questions, and build valuable relationships. Additionally, our patient-led sessions allow individuals to share their experiences and seek advice on critical treatment decisions.


Through our extensive network of service providers, we provide access to cutting-edge treatment options based upon your health record and genomic insights. By tapping into multiple service providers, you gain a comprehensive range of treatment options, ensuring no possibility is overlooked. This approach not only identifies your next best treatment but also supports the development of a longer-term treatment strategy.


The Cancer Patient Lab community is a vital resource for patients and their caregivers. Benefit from the collective knowledge of well-researched individuals who have faced similar choices. Our collaboration platform provides a secure space to interact with patient experts, share new research, and get advice to support you throughout your unique cancer journey.

Originally established in 2022 as the Prostate Cancer Lab, Cancer Patient Lab has grown to serve cancer patients in multiple tumor types. Our focus remains on complex advanced diseases, irrespective of cancer type. If you or a loved one are navigating such circumstances, we invite you to join our community.

Discover the personalized support and safe space our community provides as you embark on your unique cancer journey.

Trending Topics from Our Community

Watch recent highlights from our Patient Expert-Led sessions.

Stories From Our
Patient Community

Every person’s journey with cancer is unique. By sharing our stories externally and with the community, we can help find opportunities to help people living with cancer make better treatment decisions.


Explore our patient stories to learn more about how Cancer Patient Lab can support you in your journey.


Roger was diagnosed with stage IIB pancreatic cancer and was approaching the end of standard of care. He was running out of options and needed to quickly identify a way forward.


Amit lives with an aggressive form of prostate cancer and struggles to find a treatment that provides a durable response.

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