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Cancer Patient Lab is a patient-led community that was founded with a mission to help advanced cancer patients and their caregivers find better solutions for their cancer treatments. We utilize crowd-sourcing to offer patients access to trusted best-in-class service providers. This puts patients at the center of their care and leverages the collective community to help patients find their best treatments. With the accelerating pace of life sciences and the limited time of healthcare professionals to solve complex problems, we know that yesterday’s diagnostics or treatments may not be best-in-class today. Patients need trusted partners who can offer the best that science has to offer. 

Anova, a technology company, on a mission to accelerate clinical development, reduce cost and increase access to promising new treatments.

BostonGene’s mission is to power healthcare’s transition to personalized medicine using AI-based molecular and immune profiling to improve the standard of care, accelerate research, and reduce the overall cost of cancer care.

Cancer Commons provide patients and their care teams with actionable information by identifying and accessing individualized therapies that target the molecular drivers of their disease and referring patients to precision oncology services.

CancerX is a public-private partnership announced by The White House as a national accelerator to boost innovation in the fight against cancer as part of the reignited Cancer Moonshot.

Count Me In enables cancer patients anywhere to share their medical records and personal experiences with researchers to help reveal patterns about how cancers will respond or become resistant to different therapies.

CureMatch provides oncologists with clear, accessible, predictive treatment analysis to equip them with actionable knowledge tailored for each unique case. Precision medicine means actionable insights and ranked targeted drug treatments. 

Genomic Expression are experts in analyzing RNA using Next Generation Sequencing and translating RNA Code to RNA Therapeutics to individualize treatment. DNA is not your fate, today RNA is directly a target for drugs and a drug itself.

Letai Lab is part of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. Our lab devises methods to selectively kill cancer cells by better understanding apoptotic cell death.

Massive Bio is an AI driven platform that leverages telehealth, genomics and smart data to connect patients and their oncologists to clinical trials relevant to their specific type of cancer.

mProbe aids cancer patients and  oncologists in making informed clinical decisions by providing more comprehensive tumor profiling assessing 72 protein biomarkers. The Era of clinical proteomics is here.

Musella Foundation joined forces with Cancer Commons and xCures to utilize medical records and a visual depiction of your cancer journey to help you identify and access the best diagnostic and treatment options.

Neuroendocrine Tumor Research Foundation is committed to improving the lives of patients, families, and caregivers affected by neuroendocrine cancer by funding research and providing information and educational resources.

Patient Led Oncology, a patient and caregiver led movement, set up to improve human data, access, safety, costs and the experience of an integrative cancer journey for patients and their caregivers.

SEngine, Improving patient outcomes today, transforming cancer care tomorrow. Harnessing 3D organoid technology and proprietary algorithms for more effective treatment options and accelerated drug development.

Shepherd's technology identifies therapies specific to your tumor’s RNA. Via mathematical analysis, it is able to identify gene expression patterns — sometimes hundreds of them — that can lead to response to specific therapies.

Stanton Biosciences apply machine/deep learning to identify cancer targets with the highest likelihood of immunotherapy response.

Travera's Rapid Therapy Selection Test moves cancer treatment beyond trial and error with innovative, proprietary technology.. We test live cancer cells outside the body against FDA-approved drugs and measure how they respond precisely.

xCures the AI powered Platform can automatically gather medical records from all sites of care, including images, genetic tests, and doctor’s notes, to improve healthcare decision making and accelerate research.

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Why Join Our Partner Network

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Direct Access to Patients : Patients are the ultimate decision makers in their care. Get access to advanced cancer patients who are citizen scientists, or “hacktivists”, searching for solutions that go beyond the standard of care. User testing of service ideas and priorities, design alternatives, and patient and caregiver priorities. We offer a ready-made focus group for market research.

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Accelerate Adoption of Your Service : Getting mindshare in a crowded market can be tough, particularly with medical oncologists. Our global community of patients and caregivers provide another avenue to speed adoption of your service. Our patients and caregivers are advocates who can help you break through the noise.

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Build Partnerships with Other Service Providers : We have found that our partners learn from our patients and from each other. We have built collaborative solutions across service partners that improves your service offerings and opens new market opportunities.

While our advanced cancer patients would rather not be part of this “club”, we also know that the patient’s voice holds gravitas in shaping opinions and advancing healthcare. 

Partner with us to transform patient lives and accelerate translational medicine.

Our network of trusted partners supports cancer patients and their caregivers in finding better solutions

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