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Our Community

Personalized Cancer Treatments Empowered by Data

A Global Patient-Led Cancer Community

We understand that facing cancer is a journey that no one should navigate alone. Our patient-led community is designed to foster connections among people living with advanced stage IV, metastatic, and complex cancers.

We go beyond standard of care treatments, offering a platform for those who seek to improve outcomes and explore innovative solutions.

Cancer Patient Lab is more than just a collective of patients and service providers – we are a dynamic hub that focuses on empowering our members through cutting-edge education, personalized case discussions, and collaboration with diverse experts and activist patients.


Here, you'll have the opportunity to engage with citizen scientists and innovators working at the forefront of advanced cancer research. Connect with like-minded individuals who share your commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of cancer care. Whether you are looking for personalized insights into your specific cancer challenge or exploring options beyond conventional treatments, our community provides a supportive space for dialogue and collaboration that may not be available elsewhere.

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"I was approaching the end of Standard of Care, running out of options fast. The Cancer Patient Lab community empowered me with knowledge and data so I could work with my oncologist to find a new path through my cancer."


Executive Coach, Prostate Cancer survivor

Connect with citizen scientists and experts for personalized insights on your specific cancer

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"Empowering you with the
information and support you need to get the best possible outcomes"

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