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Personalized Cancer Treatments Empowered by Data

The Challenge for Advanced Cancer Patients

Many advanced cancer patients don’t have obvious, standard treatment options available to them. If you are living

with advanced cancer, you may face complex decisions on what to do, at a time when you and your family are already overwhelmed

and lack the information you need to make the right decisions.

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Cancer Treatments

Cancer Patient Lab can help you, your family, and your medical team address this challenge through:

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Accessing personalized novel diagnostic tests, such as liquid biopsies, RNA sequencing, and proteomics through our network of service providers.

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Learning about relevant, personalized treatments, even before the treatments have become the standard of care (based on clinical trials)

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Understanding the real world experience of people like you, to learn what works and what doesn’t; for example, to discover a minimum effective dose for a drug, or an effective drug combination.

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Supporting you to navigate through a medical industrial complex that has stakeholders with interests that don’t fully align with cancer patients, and that moves at a pace that is too slow for patients who need better solutions now.

For Advanced Cancer Patients and
their Caregivers: Access t
o Services

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Webinars, Library & Guides

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Mental Health, Financial Health, Genetic Counseling, Fund Research

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Treatment Options

Biomarker-Drug Matching, Pathways, Treatment Access, Personalized Vaccines, Adjunctive Cancer Therapy, Complementary Therapies, Nutrition

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Treatment Strategy

Clinical Experts, Treatment Guidelines Continuously Updated (Wiki), Observational Results, Evolutionary andGame Theory and Predictive Models (Al), Palliative Care, Navigation and Monitoring

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Data Storage, Tissue Storage, Registry of Outcomes, Consents

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Hacktivists, Experts, Peers, Communicating with Family and Friends

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DNA, RNA, Functional, Liquid Biopsy, Proteomics, Single Cell, Spatial, Organoids, Animal, Microbiome, Metabolomics, Pharmacogenomics

Patient's Experience

Patient Gives
Patient Gets

Join - Register with community & share medical records

Receive Guidance on Baseline Testing Information and Access to Information Resources (e.g., connect with preferred service providers for testing and treatment options, join weekly webinars and monthly confidential calls)


Get Additional Tests (e.g., sequencing, omics, functional drug screens)

Receive Treatment Options (e.g., drug options, drug combinations, clinical trials)


Share Questions, Decisions, Progress, and Outcomes

Receive Testing and Treatment Guidance from dispersed experts (e.g., Virtual Tumor Board)


Share Experience with Service Providers

Get Support for Treatment Access


Contribute (volunteer time, and pay small community fees based on ability to pay)

Learn from other Advanced Patients Experiences, Continuously Receive Information on New Treatment Options.

Our data-driven approach to treatment decision making leaves no stone unturned

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"Empowering you with the
information and support you need to get the best possible outcomes"

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