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About Us

Personalized Cancer Treatments Empowered by Data

Our Story

Cancer Patient Lab is a patient-led community that was founded with a mission to help advanced cancer patients and their caregivers. Our team provides you with the tools and resources you need to make informed decisions about your treatments. We believe that nobody should face cancer alone, and that's why we've created a platform where patients can connect with each other and with experts in the field.


We help patients and caregivers avoid cancer journey pitfalls and adopt best practices by gathering and sharing data, especially experiences, across our community. We are constantly learning and applying that knowledge within our community. We're here to support you every step of the way.

Our Leadership

At Cancer Patient Lab, we're proud to have experienced leadership that is committed to our mission of empowering advanced cancer patients. Our team of experts includes industry, academic, and healthcare professionals as well as advanced patients who have been through the same journey as you.

We understand the challenges you're facing and we're here to help you navigate the complex world of cancer treatment.

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Our Team

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In 2018 Brad Power was diagnosed with lymphoma. Building on his experience and his years of consulting about ways to change work processes using technology, he decided to help people with advanced cancer make complex decisions outside standard treatment options. He has run several “hackathons" (crowds convened to find the best next treatment) for patients and serves as an advisor to several startups reinventing cancer care. Brad leads the community’s learning activities.

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For more on Brad’s background, please see his profile on LinkedIn.

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Brian McCloskey began his journey with prostate cancer in 2016 and quickly realized that the promise of precision medicine was an unmet but worthy healthcare goal.  Professionally, Brian spent over 25 years building data-driven solutions to personalize consumer experiences. That background became pivotal in how he approached his cancer, recognizing that robust, data-driven treatment decisions required a greater focus on applied cancer diagnostics. He became a patient advocate in 2018, and has provided a variety of patient advisory services to big pharma, life sciences, academia, and healthcare.

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For more on Brian’s background, please see his profile on LinkedIn.



Rick Stanton is a southern California based family man with a passion to help cancer patients in need. He believes an integrated understanding of patient state, genomic state, immune state and trajectory will help inform clinical therapy decisions. He is an engineer / data scientist with experience in complex physical and biological signaling systems. He has experience in genomics, transcriptomics, cellular pathway signaling, and immune signaling. 17 years Amgen, 5 years JCVI / Human Longevity, 3 years ThermoFisher Scientific. 

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For more on Rick’s background, please see his profile on LinkedIn.

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Amit has been confronting an aggressive form of Prostate Cancer since late 2018. With a rich background encompassing over 25 years of business management roles within both large high-tech corporations and startups, he made a decision to channel his expertise towards aiding fellow patients in navigating the intricate challenges of the cancer journey. At Cancer Patient Lab, he provides leadership support in Finance, Marketing and Operations.

For more on Amit’s background, please see his profile on LinkedIn.

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Debbie has lived with a rare type of leukemia for over 18 years. Her cancer journey led her to dedicate a decade of her life collaborating with life sciences companies in developing impactful communication and engagement strategies to educate oncologists on the latest targeted therapies and immunotherapy treatments. She now collaborates primarily with cancer patients, leading insights and co-design projects to develop digital solutions and therapeutics across cancer types.

For more on Debbie's background, please see his profile on LinkedIn.

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Roger was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in July of 2022 and has since undergone chemotherapy, surgery, NK and dendritic cell expansion as well as a novel neoantigen peptide vaccine.  Roger is also active with the San Francisco Bay Area Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and serves as Silicon Valley advocacy committee chair for Pancan. Roger has also been organizing cancer therapy startup panels and pitch events to bring venture capital exposure to the area of cancer research.

For more on Roger's background, please see his profile on LinkedIn.

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Sumit is an assistant professor in the Department of Genitourinary Medical Oncology at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. A trained medical oncologist and immunologist, his research focuses on investigating the immunological mechanisms responsible for tumor rejection and clinical benefit. He is the principal investigator of multiple immunotherapy clinical trials for patients with prostate cancer, and he conducts translational laboratory studies related to those trials. His research enables the development of novel immunotherapy strategies for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer.

For more on Sumit's background, please see his profile on LinkedIn.


Chris is a staunch brain cancer awareness advocate. He was the primary caregiver to his late Dad, Donald Schuler, who was diagnosed with GBM in July 2021. He works closely with organizations across the globe, amplifying their critical work and building key relationships to further improve outcomes for patients. He's currently working with Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, an Australian non-profit dedicated to improving outcomes in brain cancer. He's a Venture Partner with Varia Ventures, working to raise awareness for emerging venture funds dedicated to uncovering and funding innovative discoveries to improve brain health. He also works closely with SageMedic, a precision oncology start-up supporting patients looking for the most effective treatment for cancer. 


For more on Chris's background, please see his profile on LinkedIn.

Committed to supporting people with advanced
and complex cancers

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"Empowering you with the
information and support you need to get the best possible outcomes"

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