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Hello Cancer Patient Lab community, 

As you probably know, we are a patient-led organization, and we hope that you will contribute in whatever way you can – sharing your data and experience, volunteering your time, and making small optional monetary contributions to help offset community expenses, grow our community, and support research. We are funded only by our members.

Contributions can be made by anyone who believes in the mission of the community, not just the community members (patients and caregivers) who are getting services that benefit them.

While we hope you will be able to make small monthly monetary contributions, this is optional. You should not feel compelled to contribute in any way. We don’t want anyone not benefiting from our community who needs it due to financial concerns. However, if you are able to assist, it would be much appreciated as we have ongoing costs to run the organization. We are continuously working to improve the services and infrastructure for Cancer Patient Lab, such as our discussion forum, information library, services guide, website, financial management system, and outreach efforts to grow the community. 

As with everything we do, our financial accounts are open to members for review at any time.

We have a 501(c)(3) designation and an EIN number. While a few formalities are still underway, including various state tax registration requirements, we are confident that your contributions to Cancer Patient Lab will be considered charitable donations in the near future. Once approved, you will get a receipt for tax purposes at the end of the year. Though, of course, until this process is completed, we cannot be 100% certain.  

We are using Zeffy as the platform for payment collection.  

  • On the donation page, you will see some suggested amounts. You may choose to contribute any amount you wish based on the value you get from the community. Please just enter it manually. 

  • Setting up recurring payments is a great way to show your support for the community and its mission without having to worry about it every month.

  • Zeffy is designed for non-profits, and 100% of your contribution will go to Cancer Patient Lab operations. However, Zeffy will ask you to make a contribution to support their platform as well. That is completely optional, and the amount can be ZERO to whatever you feel like putting in. Your choice.

Remember: this sponsorship request is voluntary and optional – it’s not required to be part of this community. 



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