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Many advanced cancer patients don’t have obvious, standard treatment options available to them. Instead they face complex decisions on what to do, when they and their family are already overwhelmed and lack the education and resources to deal with their life-threatening disease.


How can these advanced cancer patients, their caregivers, and medical team:

  • Discover and access emerging diagnostic tests, such as liquid biopsies, RNA sequencing, and proteomics, now to guide their individual treatment decisions? 

  • Learn about relevant, personalized treatments, especially before the treatments have become standard (based on clinical trials)?

  • Access real world experience of other similar patients to see what works and what doesn’t; for example, to discover a minimum effective dose for a drug, or an effective drug combination?

  • Navigate through a medical industrial complex that has stakeholders with interests that don’t fully align with patients, and that moves at a pace that is too slow for patients who need better solutions now?

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Cancer Patient Lab Approach

We help advanced cancer patients and caregivers obtain better treatment outcomes by providing access to…

  • Personalized, novel diagnostics and matching treatment options through service providers we have identified, and many with whom we have partnerships.

  • Cutting-edge education and actionable insights discussed via expert-led live meetings

  • Searchable diverse on-line community discussions.

  • “Hackathons” - a global, cross-discipline and cross-institutional crowd of patients, researchers, providers, pathologists, and bioinformaticians where the complex cases of individual patients are analyzed, and their best next treatment is determined.

Patient Experience

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Patient Services

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Our Community

The Cancer Patient Lab, founded in March, 2022, is an active community of patients and service providers that comes together for cutting edge education to personalized case discussions, to empower our patients and their caregivers.

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Why Cancer Patient Lab?

You should join the Cancer Patient Lab community to generate hope and confidence in your testing and treatment decisions.

Online Course


Find new ideas and solutions which are best for you.

Combination Lock


Find and connect to innovators (individuals and companies) who are offering new services.

Ask an Expert


Meet diverse experts and activist patients who are smart and sophisticated and are pushing the envelope of what is possible.

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